If you haven't seen or heard Jason Allentoff's story of the new attraction coming soon to Six Flags Great Adventure, the King Cobra, you can check it out here. And if you partake in the new King Cobra adrenaline inducing water slide, I'll be the boring guy standing off to the side on dry ground while shaking my head.  This thing will resemble a massive cobra inside and out, and will send you at 35 mph racing through twists and turns.  In the end you'll be plunged on a 25 foot drop at a 50 degree angle into the hungry, awaiting mouth of a giant cobra, complete with fangs that are dripping venom (well, okay, water) on you.

I wish them luck, and they won't need it.  It's brilliant.  People will love this.  I wish I COULD love this.  I'm boring I guess.  I've never had any interest in thrill rides of any kind.  As a boy I'd stand and only watch the Jet Star roller coaster on the pier in Seaside Heights.  "Do you want to go on?"  "Hell no, Dad!"

The odd thing about me is there are other forms of adrenaline I've enjoyed.  I did a free fall skydive from 16,500 feet and it was magical.  I would do it again, too.  I've flown with the Blue Angels, the Navy acrobatic flying team, and we did maneuvers with such strong g-forces I was knocked unconscious for a few seconds.  And I would do that again.

Ask me to go on a roller coaster or down a giant water slide resembling a monster cobra on steroids?  Yeah, no thanks.  I'm weird. The worst part is: I'll have no choice.  My little boy is almost 7.  Knocking on the door of that age where he'll want to do these things, and guess who he'll want to go with him. As a father, you do what you gotta do. "Do you want to go on, Dad?"  "Hell yes, son!"


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