Whenever the lottery reaches an even more lucrative sum of money than usual, like the Powerball now being worth an estimated $700 million, it's always fun to ask people what they'd do if they defied the odds and won.

Like clockwork, the answers that come in are for the most part very boring. Earlier this week was a perfect example. When the Powerball reached $500 million, D&D did this topic on the air. What kind of answers did we get? Calls saying they'd donate most of it to charity, start their own charity, set up their friends and relatives for life, etc. Yawwwwwn. Everyone turns into Mother Teresa.

Yes, I would do all three of those things. A considerable amount of money would go to contributing to or starting my own foundation. I'd set my family up with anything they want. But these should be givens! This guy's answer is exactly what we want to hear when we ask the question of what you would do with the Powerball winnings. Everyone would blow some of the money on a few vices of their choice. Shame on the reporter in the video for acting like he just praised Hitler on live television.

For the record, three things I'm buying off the bat: Yankees season tickets, a pet giraffe and a private jet. Votruba Airways, baby!

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