We all know texting and driving is dangerous and if you're like me, you get sick of hearing about it, but officials in Hunterdon County are giving you a way out if you get stopped 'LOL-ing' behind the wheel.

If you get stopped on any of the roads in Hunterdon County for texting while driving, now you have options; The 'Put It Down' initiative was formed by the Hunterdon County Prosecutor's Office, The Hunterdon County Association of Chief's of Police, the Hunterdon County Healthcare System and the Hunterdon County Prevention Resources have done the humane thing (in my opinion) and give the citizens of New Jersey the chance to avoid a fine.

Let's say your getting cruising down Route 31 in Flemington and your texting a friend about what happened at Willie McBride's the night before. Well Officer John Q. Law pulls you over, at this point you know your in hot water, but ahh how wrong you would be. The driver will only receive a written warning... and some homework.


Once the officer hands you the written warning you now have 15 days to view an online video and complete a questionnaire. Once that is completed your off the hook...this time. If your the kind of person to say 'Ah screw them' well then buddy you get a $100 fine and a summons.

Keep in mind that the point of this initiative isn't to give the drivers of Hunterdon County a break or

anything or just say "Hey you know what, this one's on us" and you trust me on this one, that video they make you watch is pretty upsetting and if you text and drive now well that'll make you put it down or turn it off and just get off the phone.

You can get more information and actually watch the video here. A little pre-emptive warning you could say.

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