We love a good story in New Jersey. Heck, this is the home of the Jersey Devil, isn't it? A legend so strong we named an NHL team after it. Then we have our share of haunted inns and gravity hill roads. Yes, lots of mysteries. Such as why are we still paying tolls on roads that were paid off years ago? But I digress.

the Chupacabra, you'll want to see this video from CNN. A hunter claims to have shot and killed this up until now mythological creature, and the video shows the body. Authorities are trying to say it's just a wild dog or coyote that had mange. The hunter and the folks in town aren't buying it. Judge for yourself. One warning though. These here folks clearly aren't from 'round here, so the accents are so thick you'll wish you had subtitles like on
'Swamp People'.