The weekend forecast worked out reasonably well.

I had mentioned a few passing showers for Saturday, which was the case in spots just about everywhere.  Any morning showers Sunday were long over with, so Sunday worked out perfectly.  High temperatures yesterday were in the lower 80s.

It should be in the lower 80s today with the threat of a passing shower, or possibly a thunderstorm, at some point during the day.  It'll be a bit cooler at the beaches and boardwalk, and it'll certainly be rather humid.

There'll be a risk of a shower or possibly a thunderstorm left over for the first part of the night.  We should be okay after that.

Then again, tomorrow there will be the risk of a passing shower, or possibly a thunderstorm with high temperatures back in the 80s.  A west-northwest wind probably means no sea breeze at the beach and boardwalk on Tuesday.

Wednesday should be okay, at least it looks that way.

Thursday and Friday also look okay, as well.