Newark find a way to manage to get to 86 yesterday morning, but everybody else was in the upper 70s.

In fact, Newark Liberty Airport had an almost an inch-and-a-half of rain, about 1.34 inches, which was a lot more than anybody else had.

Today, after areas of dense fog this morning, humid with the chance of a shower or thunderstorm, especially this afternoon and this evening.  Highs will be near 80, cooler at the beaches.  The ocean water still in the lower 70s.

After that ends tonight and this evening, some fog overnight in the humid 60s.

There will be early fog Friday, some sunshine on the humid side, highs about 80.  It will be cooler again on the water.

Some sunshine, warm and humid 80s this holiday weekend.  But, there's a better chance Sunday and Labor Day than Saturday of a scattered shower or a thunderstorm.

We'll have to see how that plays out.  That may possibly interfere with some of your outdoor activities.

Weekend highs will be in the 80s, but a bit cooler this weekend at the beach.