I don't believe in awareness campaigns, they honestly make me crazy. I don't see what good they do. What I believe in, are people helping other people. A shining example of that is a grass roots effort going on right now in Ocean County to help the families of children with cancer.

Our very own co-worker, afternoon host Andy Chase from our sister station, 1057 The Hawk, is living high atop a billboard in the Lowe's/Target Shopping Center on Hooper Ave. in Toms River with the goal of raising $105,700 for the Ocean of Love Foundation. I give Andy all the credit in the world for the effort he is putting forth to reach this goal.

"It's about the community,  it's about our listeners, about Ocean County residents coming together and donating their hard-earned money. The money that comes in today for Ocean of Love stays right here, in this community. The money comes in today, it goes to the family needs tomorrow," Andy said.

The effort helps real families, right here in our own state. Ocean of Love provides support for the families in a multitude of ways including transportation to and from hospitals, counseling, funeral costs, food assistance, holiday adoptions and so much more! There are countless stories of how Andy's efforts, combined with the Ocean of Love Foundation have helped these families get through some very tough times.

No good deed goes unpunished though, as my co-workers Producer Chris Swendeman and my colleague at Chasing News Jessica Nutt, gave me a hard time over my attention to detail when I was discussing the Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon.

The Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon goes until Friday at 6pm when Andy will come down from the billboard. Donate now!

There are plenty of ways you can help:

Call 1-877-Hawk-1057 or visit 1057TheHawk.com or OceanOfLove.org