Today is National Good Neighbor Day and to celebrate, I want to know if you even know your neighbors?

There was once upon a time neighbors were part of the village that raised either you or your child. Today though, according to a recent report from City Observatory, about one third of Americans say they’ve never interacted with their neighbor, as opposed to the seventies where 30 percent frequently spent time with their neighbors and only 20 per cent had no interaction.

One of the things I love about the town where I live is the culture of neighborhood. Growing up in Union City in the seventies, it literally was a village where the entire block raised me and consequently I could get smacked by any of the adult neighbors if I did anything wrong. Whenever there was trouble, more often than not, there was always a neighbor there to help.

We’ve created that in the town I live in now as well, minus for the smacking. When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, neighbors were there to help by watching our children and doing things that were above and beyond the call of what neighbors normally would do. We could never repay them enough for that help, though we will always try.

Now our children ride their bikes to their friend's houses who live on our block and they play and all the neighbors keep a collective eye on them. From what I understand, this is something you don’t see very much of in the suburbs.

What’s your relationship like with your neighbors? What’s the best thing a neighbor has ever done for you or vice versa? Take the poll and leave your stories/comments below.