I stumbled across this advice on how to cut your grocery bill by up to 50%. It's not great advice for most of us, as most of us won't want to hit up food salvage places where you can get half off on dented cans and torn open packaging.

Still legal to sell but makes you worry. Not to mention the time it takes to not do all your grocery shopping in one place. A stat pops up right in the beginning of this story though that I just can't believe is true. The average American household spends $4,000 a year on groceries. Do the math. That's only $76.92 per week. Even with averaging in all the single people, all the couple with no kids, I just can't get how that's possible.

Are Jersey prices so high that this figure seems so unlikely? Is it really that much better in the rest of the country that it all averages out to only $76.92 per week per household?