I believe Thomas Edison's innovative genius runs in the blood of all New Jerseyans. When there's a problem, we fix it, kind of. How many of us didn't have the money to properly fix our windshield wiper so we tied a string to it? Who among us has not seen and old car with the window hand crank missing and a pair of vice grips replacing it in a pinch? Life hack is a Jersey motto.

So when we had a problem with a certain production room doorknob that came loose and was trapping people inside the room, standing there lamely with half a broken doorknob left in their hand, someone had to come up with something. I'm not sure who the diabolical genius was who hacked this problem, but it's working just fine.

First, ignore the made up word of 'brokeded' on the post-it note. That was just someone being silly and letting people know to be careful with this door. Look instead at the fine craftsmanship of the duct tape combined with the garbage bag pull handles.

Jeff Deminski photo

Now here's a side view of this homemade contraption. I tell ya, whoever did this is the person I want with me in an escape room.

Jeff Deminski photo

So we'd like to know how have you done a cheap rig around of something yourself? It could be something on your car, in your home, anything at all. Let us know in the comment section below.

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