Three months after the shooting rampage in Newtown, Connecticut that took 27 lives, how safe are schools in the Garden State?

“We now have in schools a checklist of 90 items that must be done and drills that have to be practiced each month…New Jersey is certainly well-prepared in many respects, but certainly not prepared well enough,” said Dr. Rich Bozza, the Executive Director of the New Jersey Association of School Administrators, during a special School Security Conference in Edison today.

Representatives from different schools, law enforcement, the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness, mental health and State Education officials came together to exchange ideas, and to get a first-hand account of the tragedy that unfolded at the Sandy Hook elementary school.

Newtown, Connecticut Public School District Superintendent Dr. Janet Robinson gave the keynote address at a  conference, and said she will continue to speak out against the sale of assault weapons, and high-capacity ammo magazines.