We were just talking about this on the show. If you couldn't get through on the phones and would like to look up the rise or fall in popularity of your first name, here's the link to do so. Very easy to use. Put in any number of years you want, but I'd use 100 because that really gives a good idea of the changes over time. For example, my name Jeffrey (yeah yeah, that's the FULL name which I hate, I go by Jeff) was incredibly popular the year I was born, but then has slowly dropped ever since to the point it is not even in the top 200 any longer. It was top 10 back then though. This is how you know you're going to be stuck with the old person sounding name someday, such as Agnes for a female or Harold for a male. Yep, when I'm in my 70's mine will be just as old and decrepit sounding as Harold, or Horace or Eugene. Enjoy, and remember, a rose by any other name...might smell a heck of a lot better.