A few years ago I underwent a cardiac ablation which cured something in my heart known as Atrial fibrillation or flutter. Afterwards, my doctor told me to weigh myself everyday and if I gained three pounds or more overnight to see him. After not having weighed myself in a while, I was surprised to see that I weighed 250 pounds. I decided that something needed to be done, so I cut out processed sugar and dropped about 30 pounds.

I still weigh myself everyday but it has become a curse since my weight fluctuates a few pounds on each side of 220. Of course, I feel better when I’m under 220 because when I’m over I carry it all day, both in my head as well as on my waist. I’ve even taken to leaning to the left on the scale hoping it would drop the number.

Some scales can be synced to your bathroom tiles. Want to lose five pounds? That’s three rows down and two to the left.

I’m told by some that you shouldn’t be weighing yourself that much. It’s been over two years since I had the procedure so there’s no need to do it for that, but the last time I stopped weighing myself I went up 30 pounds. There must be a happy medium in there somewhere.

How often do you weigh yourself? How much daily fluctuation is there each day when you do? Take the poll below.

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