According to the national safety Council we have a big problem with workplace fatigue and New Jersey is obviously no exception. In fact at the pace we run our lives in New Jersey, with the density of population the traffic nightmares and the stress levels, you've got to imagine that we have more people falling asleep in their cubicles in New Jersey tell many other states.

When we polled our listeners, we found that that was true. And in fact almost everyone who feels exhaustion kick in during the workday has a remedy for it. Here's a list of the top 10 remedies New Jerseyans use to pull themselves through the slump.

  • Meditation - I'm not sure how this exactly works but people claim that when they clear their minds for a little while during the day and just silently meditate and positive thoughts it gives them a boost of energy.
  • Yoga - according to some listeners one hour of yoga in the afternoon will do the trick.
  • A vitamin cocktail - try popping one B12 gummy some bee pollen and a cup of ginger tea, and according to one listener you'll be ready to fly through the afternoon with a ton of energy.
  • Energy gum - the newest trend in energy shots is no longer that little drink in a bottle but rather energy gum there are a few different brands out there like a Neurogum and run gum that claim to give you that little boost you need to combat work place fatigue.
  • B 12 - there's nothing like a good old shot of vitamins and although people sometimes take a cocktail full of vitamins for overall general health, B 12 is the one that people claim give you the most energy so just take one every morning and according to some listeners, you should be good to go.
  • Exercise - There's no disputing the daily exercise helps to boost your energy levels. I know it sounds obvious but half an hour of exercise a day especially some cardio that really gets your heart rate up is a natural stimulant.
  • Power nap - I'll be honest, this has never worked for me. But for some people the 20 to 30 minute nap in the middle of the day is enough to revitalize. (No longer than that, though!)
  • Alert drops - This lemon and water mixture can be misted onto the back of your tongue and according to the manufacturer, you'll get a burst of energy. Check them out at
  • Protein snack and water - Yep, sometimes that drag during the afternoon is simply your body telling you that you're hungry or do you hydrated. Try a power pack snack like an energy bar or apple with peanut butter along with 8 to 16 ounces of water.
  • Caffeine - Tried-and-true… The old standby. And New Jersey's favorite energy boost a shot of espresso or your favorite cup of Java in the afternoon. No matter who tells you it ain't the right way to do it, you can't deny the zap of Energy! Plus it's easy what office doesn't have the Fixin's right there in the employee lunch area.

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