One of our favorite listeners, Jillian, called in and sent us a photo of one of the coolest wreaths you will ever see.

Jillian's father started a project that included a ton of pvc pipe and a 6-foot-wide bow to create a huge Christmas wreath that starts wrapping around near the roof and ends near the bottom of the front steps.

Check out the photo of what this beautiful wreath looks like on the house:

Photo Credit: Jillian Messina

Jillian's mega-wreath got us discussing awesome Christmas displays and our listeners started calling in with stories about how much work they put into making their house festive for the season.

Do you have a Christmas display that you're really proud of? Do people drive down your street and stop to look at it? Let us see what it looks like! Tweet us a pic @dennisandjudi  or email our producer Dan Tantillo. We can't wait to see your awesome Christmas displays!