Once again we’re having a heat wave in New Jersey with temperatures hovering in the nineties. Once again my air conditioner goes on the blink, which my neighbor was kind enough to fix. (Thanks Corky!)

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This gets me to thinking about how much we use and will use our air conditioners this summer. I love a cool house, so much so that my electric bill will climb to about 500 dollars a month. This comes with a clock thermostat which drops it at night and when we’re not home.


My 90 year old father barely turns his on believing that it’s the constant change in temperature from going inside air to outside heat that causes people to get sick. However when he gets this hot, he puts his air on.

With the economy being the way it is, and the power companies asking for more money post Sandy, the question begs to be asked. How much will you use your air conditioning? Please take our poll below.