Today, Assemblyman Lou Greenwald and State Senator Donald Norcross unveiled a reform measure that they say would allow voters to take greater control of their property tax bills by permitting towns to move their school elections from April to November. Residents in towns that make the move would not have to vote on their annual school board budget unless it exceeds the 2% cap on increases.

Norcross calls it, “A bill that I think is long overdue in coming (and) a bill that will go quite a bit towards saving money.”

Norcross and Greenwald say the recent move of New Jersey’s presidential primary saved the state $12 million and this move could as well, but every town would have to move their school board elections to have any hope of achieving $12 million in savings.

“This bill will save local towns and local taxpayers millions of dollars, by permitting them to eliminate the costs associated with unnecessarily duplicative elections,” says Norcross. “At the same time, more citizens will have a voice in the process, which is a win-win for our communities.”