I was stuck at a light behind this car over the weekend. Hey, at least she admits it. Most don't. There has to be a tipping point when just one more pet becomes a problem. I'm talking traditional pets like cats and dogs that have run of the house, not caged pets or pets in tanks. You can certainly have a large aquarium with 15 fish and that's no big deal. Imagine having 15 dogs.

Right now we have two guinea pigs and one lizard, in cages and a tank respectively. No harm to the house, easy to manage, etc.. If I had a dog, I'd have only one. Maybe this makes me the crazy one, but I don't think so. In my humble opinion once you have four traditional pets you've crossed a line. My brother has had 4 cats or more, and yes I think that's a problem. Heck, the smell of all the littler boxes alone is a problem.