Tom Brady allegedly having the footballs deflated to me is tantamount to a pitcher throwing a spitball or a hitter using a corked bat. It’s cheating because it gives the quarterback an unfair advantage.  

Billie Weiss/Getty Images

We’ll never know how many games he actually was doing this for but I think the fact that Brady got caught puts a taint on his career.

I find it funny that the results of the Ted Wells report comes out after the draft and that it took the court less time to convict Aaron Hernandez of murder than for the NFL to solve “Deflategate” despite the fact that Brady used dumb and dumber to deflate the balls.

Here’s a tip for the future for both Brady and his accomplices, if you’re going to do something wrong and text it, make sure you delete those texts long before anyone investigates. Then again, why worry, when you Tom Brady, you know the league won’t do anything anyway.

But not so fast, The NFL suspended Tom Brady 4 games, fined the Patriots 1 million dollars and took away their first round draft choice in 2016 and their 4th round in 2017.    What kind of punishment would you give the Super Bowl MVP? If it were me, I’d fine him the cost of the investigation since he’s the reason the league had to spend the money in the first place, and I’d suspend him one playoff game since that’s where he got caught. But this isn’t bad. .


The NFL has been suspending players for all kinds of off the field issues like, domestic violence, child abuse, drugs and even murder, imagine how they must feel to have something game related to deal with. Maybe Roger Goodell can form a committee made up of owners' relatives to deal with future inflation issues and have the players record public service announcements that can run during games urging us not to let the air out of our balls?

In each of these instances a little bit more air comes out of the NFL's balloon of popularity. Sadly, whatever happens in the off-season is really irrelevant because the NFL knows once the season kicks off, the fans will be in the seats and watching at home.

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