I was surprised when a few of you emailed to ask how my staircase project was coming along, so I thought I'd give you an update.

It looks unusual in these photos and I'll tell you why: I left a lane in the middle for my family to use so that the staircase wouldn't be off limits at any time. I didn't wanna move out or relegate anyone to either upstairs or downstairs.

Since there's carpet going over the middle anyway, it doesn't really matter if I paint that or not.As has been stated innumerable times here, I'm lazy so I probably won't. Carpet will be here this week.

Couple coats of polyacrylic done on Thanksgiving Day to give it a little protection and sheen but as you can see, what will show at the ends of the steps and the banister is a gray-wash, weathered look. (I know it looks blue in the photos but it's most definitely grey).

I did this aged look for two reasons: First, I like the effect. Second, it covers imperfections in the wood and there were plenty! So there you go: 90's builder's grade oak transformed. Thanks for asking.

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