Are we past the point where we can laugh at ourselves?

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Is it no longer acceptable for television shows to parody other television shows?  Last Monday’s episode of “How I Met Your Mother” which is ending a very successful run among the politically correct, apparently crossed the line by having their characters dressing in yellow face and Asian attire similar in a parody of the 70’s series “Kung Fu”

The show ended up offending so many that series creator Carter Bays sent our a series of tweets apologizing.

Many times sitcoms in dream sequences will use their actors to play the characters in the dream. In this situation, it didn’t seem to me like there was any intent of malice rather it was respect for these classic shows.

One thing that comes to mind here is that in the actual series Kung Fu, the lead character David Carradine was white. One of the greatest pieces of comedy ever is Saturday Night Live’s  "Samurai Delicatessen." I wonder if today John Belushi would be considered a racist? Was Lucy a racist to dress like an Italian grape crusher?

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