A great deal has been said about Davy Jones over the last few days here on nj1015.com, and all over social media.  There's been much sadness...but heartwarming and amusing stories have been shared as well.  Sadly, I never got to a Monkees (or solo Davy Jones) concert, but I did meet him in 1988.

Its the spring of 1988, and I'm driving to work at a Central New Jersey radio station, listening to a station that I used to work for...when they announce that "Monkee" Davy Jones will be at the station studios for a live interview that weekend. And, he'll meet and greet listeners afterwards! As soon as I get to work, I pick up my office phone and call my former boss, the program director.  I tell him to expect me, and that I would be bringing a guest.

That evening, I tell my sister, Cindy, to cancel her Saturday afternoon plans.  And, not to ask any questions!

As I'm driving to this super-secret location, Cindy is peppering me with a thousand questions, and I'm saying...nothing.  The excitement is building to a fever pitch! Of course, timing helps...and it is with me. Literally, as we pull into the radio station parking lot, it is announced that Davy Jones is in the studio, and will be taking calls in mere minutes.  The screams...the shock...the surprise..the sheer joy, can not be described.  Trust me!

We're on the other side of the studio glass, as Davy Jones talks on-air with his adoring fans. We're swinging and swaying to the Monkees tunes that are sprinkled throughout the live radio broadcast.  Afterwards, Cindy and I are ushered into the studios with the rest of the station staff, and we have our own time with Davy.  To ask questions, and pose for pictures.  He is very gracious, both on-air and off-air.  And, at no time does Davy seem rushed, or look at his watch, even though this isn't his only media appearance of the day.

It is hard to believe that Davy Jones is gone.  That there can be no more Monkees Reunion Tours.  That my Monkee-encounter was 24 years ago.  It feels like yesterday!  I'll always remember that special, "surprise" day...as does my sister, Cindy.

R.I.P Davy!

Tomorrow, a Jersey connection. The Monkees and New Jersey. "Perfect Together."