As the NCAA decides the fate of Penn State and the statue of Joe Paterno comes down there is one plot going pretty much unnoticed. Former Penn State University President Graham Spanier, who was fired from the job along with head coach Joe Paterno, says he will soon begin working for the federal government on jobs related to National Security.

Former Penn State University president Graham Spanier (Justin K. Aller, Getty Images)

What’s surprising about this is that the investigative report by former FBI Director Louis Freeh found that Spanier along with head coach Joe Paterno, former athletic director Tim Curley and former Vice President Gary Shultz concealed the abuse claims against Jerry Sandusky in order to shield the university and its football program from negative publicity.


So if you’re keeping score, Paterno is dead with his name tarnished forver, Curley and Shultz are facing perjury charges and failure to report an incident, and Spanier who as President of the university, was in charge of all three and could have overridden any decision by any of them, ends up with a government job. Just sayin….