How well did your school do in last year's PARCC test? Now you can find out.

The state Department of Education Tuesday released documents that for the first time show results on a school-by-school basis — including with breakdowns for gender, race and other subgroups.

The results show percentages of students in achieving various levels of proficiency — not yet meeting expectations, approaching expectations, meeting expectations and exceeding expectations.

The schools include public, private and charter school for grades 3 through 11.

In October, a summary of results from the PARCC test were released that showed many New Jersey students are below where they should be in math and English.

The PARCC tests have come under heavy criticism from parents and teachers who say New Jersey schools are spending too much instructional time on the tests, at the expense of other classroom learning.

During November's edition of Ask the Governor on New Jersey 101.5, Gov. Chris Christie said that while the tests need to be tweaked, "It appears as if it’s more accurate than what we had before. This seems now to track much more accurately with how they’ve been progressing all the way through.”


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