The investigation continues at Port Newark, after an emotionally disturbed man climbed over a barbed wire fence, strolled around the Port, and eventually boarded a ship, walked into the Captain’s quarters, and got into bed.

Security expert Harvey Kushner says this is not really surprising because “ those of us who understand security know you can never, ever harden a target to such a point that you would rule out this type of possibility…it’s dismaying, but one also wonders – with the cargo that comes in prior to getting into the Port- what type of security measures are in place?

Security expert Vincent Bove says “more must be done to secure this kinds of facilities - there’s always advanced protocols and technologies – and these have to be put in place with continual assessments…not in-house, but from 3rd parties– who can come in, who are objective.”

The man who entered the Port, Eric Carrero, is undergoing a complete psychiatric evaluation.

This is the second security breach this month at a facility operated by the Port Authority. A few weeks ago, a man riding a jet-ski  ran out of gas near Kennedy Airport, and he swam to the airport and then wandered onto the tarmac where planes were taking off and landing.