Facing New Jersey reporters for the first time since Mitt Romney announced Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his vice presidential pick, Governor Chris Christie recalled how he learned he wasn't the right man for the job.

Last Friday night, on his way back from fundraising in Montana, Christie received an e-mail from Romney saying he wanted to speak to Christie when he got on the ground. Governor Christie called the Republican presidential candidate, and Romney told him he was "going in a different direction."

Asked if he was disappointed by the news, Christie said, "I told people all along I didn't want to be Vice President."

During the months of speculation, Christie repeatedly indicated that he had no interest in the #2 position, but he would definitely be willing to listen to what Romney had to say if he were approached about the subject.

Christie said he also wasn't "relieved" by Romney's decision to pick someone else.

He joked, "It was always my choice at the end. It's like getting asked out on a date. You get asked; you don't have to say 'yes.'"

"I never thought I was going to be asked, and I was right" Christie continued. "You can't be disappointed if you didn't think something was going to happen, and it didn't."

It was during the same conversation that Christie was asked by Romney to deliver the keynote speech at the Republican National Convention next week in Florida.

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