I know for a lot of us watching something online is tedious if it's more than 3 or 4 minutes, but you HAVE TO take just less than half an hour and watch this video. It re-enforces what I know and believe about the United States of America, but we all take for granted how special this country really is AND how terribly close we are to losing it, perhaps forever.

No, not because Barack Obama is President or George W. Bush put us on a collision course with economic disaster. It's because we have all been lazy, spoiled and asleep at the wheel when it comes to what our government is and ISN'T supposed to be involved in. It's because we have lost sight of what makes America so special in it's design and designed function.

We have been heading down this path to the precarious position we are in now slowly for 100 years. The pace has been accelerated for the last 20 or so years. PLEASE take a half hour and watch this video. I think it should be required viewing for everyone that votes and especially every kid in high school at the beginning and end of every school year.

I will keep posting this video periodically til people scream at me or mock me for posting it, so that more people can at least get a quick glimpse at what's gone wrong. By the way, an immigrant to this country showed me this video. He would not e-mail it to me. He insisted in sitting down and have me watch it with him. Please don't make me come over there and do that to you!