Elisa Fiorillo first found success as a winner of the old Star Search show. The strength of that performance got her a recording contract.

After that, she hooked up with producer, Jellybean (who got his start re-mixing Madonna songs), and they produced the top 20 smash, “Who Found Who” in 1987. It was released on a Jellybean album. She went on to have another Top 30 hit, “On The Way Up” which was written and produced by Prince. But I didn’t request either of those songs.

No, I went for her memorable follow up to “Who Found Who,” a song that should have been a bigger hit, 1988’s “How Can I Forget You” from her own debut album. It’s a little slice of 80s’ dance-pop. It may have only peaked at #60, but it screams “80s’ hit!” Alas, Big Joe could not be persuaded to play it for me.

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