So here I am on my day off figuring I'd be a nice guy and help my wife around the house by doing the laundry and what do I get? Abuse! I've been doing laundry both married and on my own for years and now my wife has decided to shoot me doing the laundry (I actually thought about returning the fire).

As far as I'm concerned, laundry is laundry. Who cares how it goes in as long as it comes out clean? Personally, I've got better things to sort out in my life than laundry. How many commercials have we seen where they make the wash as difficult as possible to do, only to have it come out clean? If the stuff is so good, then surely it can survive me doing laundry!

So my wife Deneen has decided to shoot a video of me doing laundry. This is the thanks I get for helping out. I say if you don't like the way I do laundry , do it yourself. I'd be happy to film!

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