Real Housewives Of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo has come out in support of her brother's same-sex marriage in an emotional speech at his wedding that will air on this Sunday's episode.

At the wedding ceremony of celebrity chef and designer Jaime Laurita and Rich Lane last summer at their home outside Chicago, Laurita's sister, Caroline Manzo, gave an emotional speech that brought everyone in attendance to tears according to People.

"Everybody wants to feel accepted, loved, at peace, at home in their life choices, " Manzo told People.  "It was great ... for him and Rich to finally feel like their relationship is recognized."

Discovering her brother was gay scared her at first but Manzo's support did not waiver. "I know that people can be cruel and unkind," she thought when he came out to her. "There are people who just don't understand his sexuality ... I don't want him to live his life this way being judged."  Now, says Manzo, "We're positive about it. We embrace it."

The wedding itself presented a challenge as it was hot day.  "I had these giant Louboutin heels on … and sure enough I twisted my ankle and almost stumbled."