You may remember a time when there would be dueling street vendors and ice cream trucks in your neighborhood. Good humor vs. Bungalow Bar; Mr. Softee vs. Freezer Fresh; the Chow Chow Cup man; the guy who’d come around and sell clams on the half shell - and on and on.

Well, an enterprising Miami resident had the bright idea one night after some club hopping to create an ice cream vendor no one would forget.

According to this story, the name of his company is Aphrodisiac Ice Cream – sold by scantily clad women – and flavors with suggestive names like 'Vanilla Quickie', 'Aphrodisiac Orgy', and 'Lemon Lingerie'.

Sounds to me like an enterprise that should be limited to those 21 and over.

But if you wanted a memorable street vendor – what’s better than the “hot” ice cream “man” – or in this case “babe!”