Here's the lineup for "the rudderless ship" of shows tonight:

The lawyer for the alleged anti-semite from Lo-douche synagogue bomber says the video games made him do it! Do you buy the defense of “not guilty by reason of insanity due to too many video games”? And have video games made you crazy?

Homeless Vets: Housing for homeless vets is being planned for the VA Medical Campus in Lyons…spearheaded through a community service agency in Parsippany. Do you think this enough and will it be effective?

Cynthia Nixon, who used to play Miranda on “Sex and the City” says she's gay by 'choice.' Is it possible to be “gay by choice”…..some say it’s a behavior you choose…others say it’s biology. I say if you’re probably bi!

Cash Rules Everything Around Me: Do you have enough money in the bank to survive a layoff…More than a quarter of people in New Jersey have no savings .
And even though foreclosures dropped 80 per cent in 2011, there still are quite a few of you that in limbo as their mortgages go unpaid. If you’re living in a home that’s in foreclosure…what options are you exploring?

Terrible Teacher: If you think Viki Knox should win teacher of the year honors…check out Lillian Gomez, who’s a teacher that’s been accused Of Using Hot Sauce To Punish Special Needs Students….what’s the worst thing a teacher’s done to you?

Who’s Joe Kyrillos? Take a wild guess. I’ll bet you most people here in Jersey don’t have a clue. Do me a solid and answer below. You might need to know soon!

Sad to note the passing of Don Cornelius at the age of 75 from a self inflicted gunshot wound. A fixture of the 70’s….what are your best memories of the 70’s.

Also sad to note that you don’t know who Joe Kyrillos is but you’re all too familiar with Snooki.

The mere mention of her supposed pregnancy got at least 33 mentions on my FaceBook page. (My grandmother would say: “Ray, ‘O mun’ eh’ sutt’ en guopp’…or for the uninitiated: “the world is upside down!”) So with that in mind, we’ll go on cafone patrol with a little cotton candy for the brain. Snooki may not be pregnant…but she also may not film a new MTV series in Hoboken either.