All-Star games and fun events like the Slam Dunk Contest and Home Run Derby are always fan favorites, no matter who you root for. The NFL has a hard time selling their All-Star game, otherwise known as the Pro Bowl because it takes place one week before the biggest sporting event of the year. Major League Baseball and the NBA have by far the most entertaining set of All-Star festivities, both of which take place at as close to the halfway point of the season as possible.

The NBA has the slam dunk contest, an event that takes place a day before the All-Star game is played in which three judges decide who has the the best dunk. The contest has turned into a platform for sponsors to incorporate their brand into the on-court festivities. Check out the video below of Clippers player, Blake Griffin dunking over a Kia sedan. Yes, it's gimmicky, but you can't deny the entertainment value.

The Home Run Derby, which takes place tonight during the MLB All-Star break is an annual event which has undergone many changes since its inception years ago. It used to be a set group of players from each league individually competing to see who hits the most home runs in glorified batting practice. For a short time, MLB made it about country of origin, in which the participants would be representing their nationality. For the last few years, they've decided to pick two captains, one from each league, and leave it up to them to select who gets to represent their league. No matter what route MLB takes, there's no doubting the entertainment factor. Check out the video below of Josh Hamilton making Yankee Stadium look like a Little League ballpark in the 2008 derby. You can check out a complete guide to tonight's derby by clicking here.

I look forward to the Slam Dunk Contest and Home Run Derby every season. But I want to know which one you find more entertaining. The Slam Dunk Contest may be my favorite based on the unpredictable nature of what may happen next. Let us know which one you like more by taking our poll below.