April showers may bring May flowers, but spring may also bring mice and ants and other critters into your home. Joe Cutter had this story on why the warmer weather is a mixed blessing. Even ticks are on the rise and all indications are the rodent population is increasing here in the northeast too.

Where we live backs right up to woods which is both nice and not so nice. It comes with its challenges. Frogs and lizards are constantly jumping into our pool. I even saw a beaver slip inside the fence and almost take a dip. Last summer we had a bad wasp problem which I think may be so bad because of proximity to the woods.

Those things are nothing compared to things that haven't happened here but can. Once I lived in a house where squirrels got into the attic and then down inside the walls. There's nothing quite like trying to fall asleep to the sound of little nails scratching at the drywall from the inside out. Hopefully that doesn't happen here.

People battle bats, possums, raccoons and God knows what else. I don't think I'll ever have bats in my home. My personal theory is bats only go into homes where someone plays tennis because you always hear about these people chasing the bats away with a tennis racquet. So I think we're safe.

Maybe you've experienced one of these or worse. In your opinion, what's the worst critter to have invade your home? Take our poll.

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