A well-known hockey analyst is in trouble after making some controversial comments regarding women being allowed in the locker rooms. 

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images


Don Cherry, who is one of hockey's premier hockey commentators recently was discussing an issue that got Blackhawk's defenseman Duncan Keith in trouble after an exchange Keith had with female Canadian reporter Karen Thomson. Keith's exchange was labeled in the media as "sexist" and Cherry was discussing the incident with fellow host Ron MacLean.

Both agreed that Keith's actions were not even close to being sexist but Don Cherry took it a step further. Cherry went on to say that in his personal opinion, women shouldn't be allowed in the locker room. Now Cherry has been no stranger to controversial comments in the past but with the politically correctness of today's world, a comment like that is not going to fly under the radar.  Even Cherry's on-air partner MacLean, had a look on his face as if that was a really bad idea, for Cherry to say that.

You can watch the video with Cherry's comments and MacLean's reaction below.


What did you think of Cherry's comments? Would men be allowed in women's locker rooms for interviews? Or what if a female sportscaster made those comments about a male reporter? Would she receive the same criticism? Take our poll and let us know what you think below.