"Goin to Jersey Shore, Bit*H!" That's something that's embedded in our psyche's forever.

The opening title sequence to MTV's Jersey Shore featuring Snooki. In the same opening segment, we hear from J-Woww that "after she "has sex with a guy, she will rip his head off." Ah wonderful. With that being said, the City of Hoboken, New Jersey has said NO WAY to both cast members and no to the necessary permits to shoot a spin-off show there.

While Seaside Heights and most of the state has seen millions in revenues thanks to the two girls plus Pauly-D, the Situation and Ronnie, the Mayor of Hoboken and City Film Commission doesn't want the production company, 495 Productions, to shoot their new spin-off show there. The main reason given on the City's web site was based on safety and quality of life concerns for residents of "The Mile Square City" along the Hudson River.

Steve Gorelick is the Executive Director of the New Jersey Film & Television Commission. While he can't comment directly on the issue because it was just developing and at press time he hadn't received a call from the City at that point, he does tell Townsquare Media that "any municipality can deny a film permit for a number of reasons."

Gorelick explains "there could be several issues at work. If the town feels it is going to present crowd control problems, a noise ordinance violation or problems with closing streets or grip and electric trucks, that can all be at work. They can't deny simply on a merit of content. Just because they don't like what the show stands for - it can't be the reason why they say no to the permit."

It's unclear at this point if 495 Productions will appeal the decision to the Hoboken City Council. Even if they do, there's still no guarantee. They may end up searching for another location sooner than later. Seaside Heights has welcomed the cast with open arms. Calls to Hoboken and 495 Productions went unreturned.