Erin will not be going “Bragh” this year in the mile square city this year.
More like “Erin Go Blah”.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer last year had suggested that the annual St Patrick’s Day Parade should be moved to a Wednesday night instead of the first Saturday in March, as had traditionally been the case.

Wanton debauchery, plus much needed manpower was the reasoning behind the move. Last year’s parade resulted in 34 arrests and nearly 300 citations for various quality of life crimes.

In response, the parade committee called the move “insulting”, and chided the city officials for not being able to adequately police the city for the festive event, saying that many of the marchers would not be able to take part in the event due to the hour they’d be getting home from work.

So instead, now no one gets a parade. However, she did say that there will be some kind of Irish Heritage Celebration taking place, but as of yet, no plans have been finalized.

The city isn’t going for the added expense. Merchants, bars, restaurants won’t be getting the added bump in business that they used to see during the parade.

In short, buzzkill abounds.

Take our poll. Do you think the Mayor is being a benefactor to the people of Hoboken, in keeping the streets safe and orderly during the holiday; or is she a “buzzkill”, for putting an end to the festivities?