It comes as no shock that, according to a recent study and this is a no-brainer, that Hoboken men are some of the most promiscuous in the country.

No shizznit!

Hoboken's elite men are bedding babes like crazy, making the Mile Square City the eighth most promiscuous city in America, according to a study by

And the agency should know. It claims to be the largest "sugar daddy" dating site catering to wealthy men in the world.

According to the results of the study 57 percent of “wealthy” Hoboken men -- men who earn $150,000 or more a year -- claim to have seven or more sexual partners annually. polled 5,000 of if 1.7 million members to find out how many wealthy men are logging on just to have sex. Those taking part in the poll had an overall average annual income of $275,000.

Chicago, Illinois topped the claiming with 72 percent of wealthy men claiming to have more than seven partners.

Other cities that ranked above the Mile Square City were Birmingham, Alabama, Las Vegas, Nevada, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Atlanta, Georgia, Phoenix, Arizona and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

(Side note: Birmingham....really! The "new South really is new!)

Bars, 20-somethings, plenty of cash to spread around. The perfect recipe for “Boom Boom Boom, let’s go back to my room”…if I may channel my inner 1986.

It all factors in to make Hoboken “Hook Up Central!” for anybody!

But if you had to Here are a few ideas to get you started:

College town perhaps? Ewing, ehhh, maybe. Although the prevalence of the Sugar Daddy is missing.

Red Bank - Otherwise known as Cougar Town Deluxe. Sugar Mamas perhaps, but the Sugar Daddys, maybe not.

Seaside Heights- Especially during the summer months. Wanna be sugar daddies driving Escalades abound!

Atlantic City - Is the “Do AC” campaign working? Could be?