I remember when I was growing up...there was a big, framed "Revolutionary Era" map of Hillsborough on the wall in my elementary school cafeteria...and my hometown was referred to as "Woods Tavern."

Hillsborough...a growing, vibrant town...with open space. (Craig Allen photo)

Times have changed...as the "Woods Tavern" of then has been "Hillsborough Township" (Somerset County) since 1771 (by Royal Charter).

Hillsborough Township Municipal Building. (Craig Allen photo)

And, it has once again been voted one of the best places to live in America!

My town has "won" before. (Craig Allen photo)

This is the third time in the last few years that the town has made the cut.

Facing the corner where Woods Tavern stood.  (Craig Allen photo)

"Woods Tavern" dates back to the early 1700's...as early as 1726. It was a stagecoach stop and hotel, facing Amwell Road (northwest corner), at what is now the intersection with Route 206.

Artist rendering of Woods Tavern, that burned down in 1932. From plaque at Tavern site. (Craig Allen photo)

History shows that the name came from the descriptive identification of the hotel as "The Tavern In The Woods."

That was then...this is NOW:

Northbound Route 206. A busy "downtown" or "Main Street Area." (Craig Allen photo)

An important crossroads in the 1700's is a busy, vibrant area in 2013!

Route 206, looking southbound. (Craig Allen photo)

As such, Hillsborough has been voted #16 of the "Top 50 Best Places To Live," by Money Magazine...in its current issue (September 2013).

Easy access to grocery shopping...and more! (Craig Allen photo)
As I see on a proud parents' car: GO "Triangle Tigers!" (Craig Allen photo)

The magazine uses a combination of factors in its rankings, including: schools, outdoor activities, population, safety, quality of life, and economic strength.

Hillsborough High School. (Craig Allen photo)
"Build it, and they will come"...in season. (Craig Allen photo)

According to the magazine: About an hour from Philadelphia, New York City, and the Jersey shore...

Neighborhood with open space. (Craig Allen photo)
Condo-living. (Craig Allen photo)
(Craig Allen photo)
"Out in the country." (Craig Allen photo)

Hillsborough Township has preserved its farm-country roots...

"Old McDonald HAS a farm" in Hillsborough, New Jersey. (Craig Allen photo)

...and protected one-third of its land from development...

(Craig Allen photo)

Plus, you can commune with nature, on private land, too!

The privately-held "Doris Duke Estate" is NOW open to the public. (Craig Allen photo)

In its review, Money Magazine also points out: Located off a busy highway, the township is developing a pedestrian-friendly town center...

Ongoing roadwork, and the coming "Bypass," will change the look of Route 206 through "downtown." (Craig Allen photo)

...that will bring shops, restaurants, and housing to its Main Street area.

A Hillsborough Twp. "McMansion." (Craig Allen photo)

Hillsborough has a 2010 census population of 38,303...within the 55 square miles of this "Best Places To Live" township.

Thanks for visiting! (Craig Allen photo)

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