One wonders what goes through the minds of some school administrators.
Check this out.

A newly appointed H.S. principal in Massachusetts, Erik Naumann, produced a video introducing himself to the student body that’s a parody of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie “The Terminator”…complete with scenes of burning playgrounds, empty classrooms, and one teacher apparently screaming for her life as she’s about to meet her fate from the “Naumannator”.

Funny? Appropriate?

You be the judge.

Apparently his bosses didn’t think it was.

He along with the technology teacher that helped him produce the parody were suspended for two days.

A Boston-area high school principal has been slapped with a two-day suspension after he showed a disturbing video of himself starring as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator character to 2,000 students during morning announcements.

The Everett, Mass., school district decided to punish Erik Naumann, a new principal at Everett High School, after parents complained that the clip was violent and in poor taste given the Dec. 14 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

In the controversial video, which was posted on YouTube, Naumann calls himself the “Naumannator” and stalks through the school’s hallways as a reimagined character in the futuristic 1991 film “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.”

The clip shows empty classrooms and a burning swing set, complete with menacing voice-overs that say, “Everett Public Schools would never be the same” and “We are all doomed.”

At one point, when a teacher asks Naumann where are the students went, he says, “They’ve been Naumannated.”

Many Everett High School students thought Naumann’s clip was harmless – and funny.
“I think people are being a little too sensitive," one student told WCVB-TV, adding that Naumann is a “great principal.”

But Everett’s Superintendent Frederick Foresteire said that all jokes aside, the content was inappropriate.

“Messages in that video were kind of disturbing," Foresteire said. "A woman terrorized in the hallway. They showed four empty classrooms. Where have all the students gone?”

Students and parents met with school officials Monday to discuss possible sanctions for Naumann and the technology teacher who produced the video.

Many urged the school district to go easy on the pair, arguing that Naumann has had an unblemished record in the 15 years he’s worked for the district until now.
Both were dealt two-day suspensions.

Naumann took over the principal post in December.

Quite the intro…wouldn’t you say?

I guess the question is, is something like this ever funny?

Had Newtown never happened, I might say “yes”.

But when put in context of the many mass shootings over the last 10 or so years, it’s hard to see a parody like this as anything but.

And they pay these guys beaucoup bucks!