I want to know how you feel about this one.

Nine students at Wayne Hills High School in Wayne, New Jersey were charged with assault off of school grounds and uninvolved in a school activity. These students happened to be football players for Wayne Hills High School, a school with a very highly regarded football program.

According to CBS New York,

Police said Monaghan and the eight others assaulted two teens from another high school following a party last month. The players allegedly got out of a car, surrounded the victims and attacked. The motive, police said, seems to stem from an argument at the party.

Despite these charges, all of these football players were on the field for the game last Friday. I don't see a problem with it. Like I said, the alleged assault took place off of school grounds and completely unrelated to any school program. A New Jersey state law states a high school can’t punish a student for anything he or she does not related to a school activity. They are not in jail, nor does it seem likely they will see jail time.

Do you think these football players should have participated in Friday's game?