There once was an old movie called “Don’t Raise The Bridge, Lower the River." That’s what the Bayonne public school officials are doing by lowering the passing grade from 70 to 65 in their approximately 9,600 public schools. 

Their reason, success breeds more success. Well if that’s the case, then why not just eliminate passing grades and make every student a genius? We could treat high school like little league. Everybody wins. In fact let’s give them all a trophy.


The only problem with that is a passing grade in the real world is much higher than 65 and it’s never been harder to make it. Building these kids up with false hope in school only to have them get shot down in life may make the school look good but it will be the students who suffer in the long run.


If the student is committed and trying hard for the passing grade of 65, they will have no problem trying a little bit harder for the 70. In fact that kind of commitment will probably spur them to a much higher grade. If 65 really is the best you can do, then they really need to do it again until they get it right.  What do you think? Take our poll.