The Lacey Township Board of Education adopted a new policy this week to begin voluntary random drug testing in its middle school.

It will be made available to students participating in extracurricular activities and is entirely voluntary, at the will of the parents. The cost of the drug testing will be paid for by the Board of Education.

Jeff Deminski

In other words, the cost of the drug testing will be paid for by taxpayers.

What I find hysterical about this is the voluntary nature. One kid on a team has parents who don't want him subjected to random drug testing so they don't sign him up with the program. So he's never tested. He might be doing drugs but is never tested by the school. Another kid on the same team has parents who signed him up for the school to randomly drug test him and that kid is flagged with a positive, he will go through various length of suspensions from the extracurricular program.

It amazes me how easily people waive their rights and responsibilities as parents today. Let someone else teach my kid where babies come from. I'm too busy. Let the school teach my kid respect and to not pick on the weak kid in class. I couldn't be bothered with raising a decent human being.

In this case, you have a parent who wants a kid drug tested but doesn't have the balls to be the "bad guy," go to the local drug store and by an OTC drug test kit for under $20 bucks. Do it yourself! Why do you need to have the school involved if this is voluntary anyway? Because you're lazy, and because you don't want to look like "the bad guy." How about do you damn job parents and leave the school system and the government out of your kid's medical issues?

— Jeff Deminski

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