How much do you trust the water that comes out of your tap? Many people in New Jersey are drinking bottled water because they don't trust their tap water. That's why New Jersey is forming a task force to study our drinking water.

In my town of Roosevelt, I pay an average of $200 per month for water I can't drink. Sometimes it comes out brown, which is great for your laundry whites! Sometimes it tastes a little funny, which is why I mostly I find myself buying and drinking bottled water for my family.

The best water I've ever had in New Jersey comes from Riverdale. The worst comes from the shore. It just tastes different.

I'm wondering what percentage of New Jerseyians drink bottled water because they like the particular taste of the brand or because they really feel that water is better. The companies that bottle the water love it because with soda on the decline, they need to make money. If they can get you to believe that what comes out of a spring in Maine is better than what comes out pf the tap in New Jersey, more dollars for them!

People are now so desperate for bottled water that some companies don't bother to put fancy names in the bottle. In fact, they might as well call it “Not From Your Tap.”

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