“TMI!” You hear kids, teenagers and some young adults saying that a lot. For the uninitiated it means, “too much information,” and is used when somebody is spilling the beans about something personal. One New Jersey lawmaker thinks it applies to lawyers and the solicitation letters they send in the mail.

A bill sponsored by Assemblyman Angel Fuentes to limit the information an attorney solicitation letter could display on the mailer's envelope has passed the full Assembly.

The issue was brought to the Assemblyman's attention by a constituent who showed him an envelope with the words "IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING COURT DATE" printed on the front under his name and address.

Under the legislation, information on envelopes mailed to a specific recipient by attorneys would be limited to the name and address of the recipient and the word "ADVERTISEMENT."

"People involved in minor offenses, for which they might not even be at fault, could potentially receive dozens of these letters," says Fuentes. "These notices are unnecessarily alarming to their recipients, and potentially damaging to their reputation."

The bill, which is cosponsored by Assemblyman Albert Coutinho passed with bipartisan support and now awaits action by the Senate.