All producer Joe Votruba did was post an article on about LGBTQ-friendly colleges in New Jersey.

Joe, who came out as gay on the Deminski and Doyle show last year, took particular interest in the story — he was proud to see three colleges in New Jersey really stepping to make LGBTQ students feel welcome and safe. Rutgers University-New Brunswick, Montclair State University and Princeton University got high marks in a recent ranking, and Joe was happy to see them leading the way.

So of COURSE the trolls came out.

Joe's heard all these arguments before — that the gay lifestyle is a sin, or that no one needs to know he's gay. And he's tired of it. They say not to feed the trolls ... but Joe doesn't like to see anyone go hungry.

So, Internet — you made your case for why the article was offensive or a waste of your time. You had your say. Now, it's Joe's turn.

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