There is so much addiction in New Jersey that if you put all the addicts in one city it would be the 4th largest city in the state.

Now to make things worse, here comes a heroin pill.

"The dealers are trying to distribute in pill form for two reasons," says Mark Larkin, Mount Hope West Virginia police chief. "It's concealment from law enforcement and it's just another way to ingest it orally."

Jimmy Graham, who heads “Stand Up To Addiction,” says “heroin pills are a new vehicle for an old enemy, dealers are trying to outsmart the police by disguising their poison as a prescription drug” Graham goes on to say that in his opinion “the dealers are becoming desperate due to the surge of resistance everyday citizens are contributing to stop this epidemic.”

Graham, whose two sons are addicts, has put together a benefit comedy show this Friday, January 8th, at The Broadway Theatre in Pittman. The show is headlined by Artie Lange with the proceeds going to Stand Up To Addiction, which raises money for the families of those dealing with addiction.

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