Whether he indeed DID harass a woman or was only falsely accused of it, doesn't the Herman Cain story make us all realize what a horrible thing running for president must be? 

Everything you ever said, everything you ever did, under a klieg lamp bright enough to illuminate all of the pine barrens all at once.  Look at this excerpt from an AP article:

'He has repeatedly denied he ever harassed anyone but has struggled to remain consistent on the detail.  He first denied remembering the specifics of the complaints, then offered up some details of an incident in which a woman apparently had trouble with a hand gesture he says he used to compare her height to that of his wife, Gloria.  He said in interviews that the details had come back to him during an intense day of questioning.'

A hand gesture to compare her height to that of his wife?  What the heck is THAT about? lol

I have no idea what the truth is here.  But can you imagine everyone you ever had a problem with, everyone you ever slighted, broke up with, fired, argued with, inadvertently stole a parking space from at Christmas, wouldn't buy a cookie from at the girl scout table, stuck your tongue out at in 2nd grade, coming at you all at once?  Running for president must be like being at your own funeral.  No thanks.