A recent survey of 18-34 year olds found that 50% of respondents would give up their right to vote in the next two presidential elections in exchange for having their student loans forgiven.

This news should be surprising to no one, since the idea of socialism is very attractive to a lot of these folks.

When you consider that most of the people in that age group backed an admitted socialist (Bernie Sanders) or an undercover socialist (Hillary Clinton) for president, you can see that without life experience and real maturity, one can think that it's the government's job to take care of us all.

That's why in this generation, 18 years old is too young to vote--at least for most people.

The 18 year olds of a few generations ago had real adult problems, real adult lives and responsibilities and thus a clearer perception of what freedom and liberty really mean.

Today's 18 year old is still a child, generally speaking.

If they'd sell away their right to vote, one of the the most important precepts of freedom in America, and would embrace the tenets of socialism (or as they like to call it "democratic socialism" but it's the same thing wrapped in a prettier package), they need to grow up quickly.

It's clear that many in this group either don't understand how government works, or worse, DO understand and would like to throw away the best and strongest system in the world that made us the best and strongest country in the world.

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