Another Halloween, another trip to a costume shop.This photo is the result.

My son Jack is going as Harry Potter.This is the only time he hasn’t complained about wearing a tie. My daughter Mina was drawn to this Morticia Adams looking dress that’s actually called “Spinderella”, like a creepy spider version of Cinderella. Look closely and you’ll see the high collar with the spider web. We got these weeks ago, and even then the store was packed.

Does anyone make their own Halloween costumes anymore? Please share yours in the comment section below if you make your own costumes for either your kids or yourself. But I’m thinking it’s a becoming a thing of the past. Which for me works out okay as I’m not that handy with such things. But I remember the coolest costume I ever had growing up was a shark head, basically a replica of the shark coming up in the water beneath the girl on the Jaws poster. It was entirely handmade by my dad and me. I doubt I would have had his skilled if I tried it myself now. So let us know, do you make your own?